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Stress management cd

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london sport psychology help telephone number


Golf stress management CD

Stress, anxiety, nerves, tension, the yips, or whatever you call it, derails the performance of many golfers (at all levels). And, the problem is that it affects you right when you want to be performing at your best!

The good news is that straight-forward techniques exist to deflate the stress bubble, get back in charge of your thoughts, tension, biomechanics and scoreline. My CD contains an entire stress management programme with the relevant explanations and techniques to address the different ways that stress can be affecting your game. I explain not only exactly what to do, but explain why.

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  • Understand why stress is normal and to be expected when out there, in testing situations.
  • Learn 3 different physical relaxation techniques
  • Then, learn rapid versions of these techniques that can be applied in a matter of seconds, right when you need them.
  • Understand the role that thoughts play in driving the stress. Then learn how to catch and address your thoughts, so they become helpful and your ally.
  • Understand why you get the urge to avoid stressful and testing situations. Then learn how to face up to these in a stepped and manageable way.

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