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“The game with yourself is often tougher than the battle against any opponent.”

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Manage tennis stress

Your frame of mind has a large bearing on how you play and the outcome of your game (the score and your enjoyment).

Much of this depends on how stressed you are when the game starts. By stressed, I mean:

  • How much tension you hold in your muscles. Tension will impair your movements and biomechanics – causing you to miss-hit.
  • How much adrenaline is coursing through your veins: some is good, too much and this can put you out of your comfort zone, distracting you from your game as you wonder what the hell is going on with your body.
  • How positive you are: are you expecting things to go badly, to start poorly, to go behind, let yourself or others down, make a fool of yourself…?

Of course, pre-match tension builds in the hours and days before an important (to you) match. Your mind, diet and sleep are all affected by your rising levels of stress. How you manage this lead-up and during the match will have a big impact on the two most important areas:

  • Your personal performance
  • Your personal enjoyment and satisfaction

If you wait to match day to start managing your stress, you will almost certainly be too late to do anything productive about it. I have developed a Tennis Stress Management Programme on audio CD (or as download) to tackle your stress, anxiety, panic, tension…

This stress management programme tackles the three important areas:

  1. Physical tension (with not just one, but three proven physical relaxation techniques)
  2. Stress-related thinking
  3. Unhelpful stress-related behaviour (what you do or don’t do)

All this for less than £15. Go ahead and order your stress solution today.


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